Miekes Boesj

Mieke Genders’ old farm house with many outbuildings is located in Koningsbosch, in the municipality of Echt-Susteren, in the narrowest part of the Netherlands, where you can walk from Belgium to Germany in an hour.
Relax, unwind, walk, cycle, and visit the delightful villages and cities of Limburg – it’s all possible.

Miekes Boesj is located outside the village, right along the border of The Netherlands and Germany, on large grounds with its own pine forest. The atmosphere is rustic, back to basics, not over-cultivated.

One of the apartments can be found in the farm house and the second, larger apartment is in one of the outbuildings connected to the house.

During the day as well is it a place to relax, with a good book or a glass of wine on the porch swing in the gorgeous outdoor courtyard, or in a comfortable armchair in the communal lounge.