The smell of coffee and freshly baked bread.  The sun is peaking in through the window and you hear the faint whistling of birds in the early morning.

That is what it is like to wake up in one of the apartments at Mieke’s Boesj in Koningsbosch in scenic Limburg. The location is ideal for peace seekers, weekend travelers, walkers on the Pieterpad, cyclists, and anyone looking for a place to unwind and relax.  It is also the perfect place for trips into Maastricht, Roermond (with the famous Outlet Center) or Aachen, as the location sits at the center of these popular cities.  Pay a visit to the beautiful Gaiapark in Kerkrade or go skiing at Snowworld in Landgraaf- both are just a short trip away.

Mieke welcomes you with true Limburg hospitality. She prepares delicious breakfasts and she loves to make her beautiful place in Koningsbosch (or De Boesj, as it is called in Limburg) available to you for one or more days. To come to rest. To sleep well. To enjoy life. Or to have a good conversation.

Because Mieke, who was active as a coach, therapist and (together with her husband Jan van Hulst), relationship therapist throughout her working life, offers more besides a bed and breakfast, if needed.  A listening ear, a human to human encounter, each with their own wisdom.

It is not necessary, but for people who need it, it is possible.